Community & Environment

Building a Bountagu Community

This is central to supporting our four other priorities: supporting and developing: children and young people; enterprise, employment and skills; over 50’s and environment.

Bountagu is a diverse community and the focus is on integration, building community spirit and a sustainable future. 

We aim to develop a thriving and cohesive community that respects and understands different cultures. Creating a neighbourhood where people feel safe and are happy to support one another.

The Bountagu Partnership is resident led and meets on a regular basis to plan and address community issues. If you are interested in knowing more about the Partnership contact the Hub on 020 8292 5626.


Many residents enjoy being part of the community and have seen improvements not only to the area, but to their own outlook, health and feeling of wellbeing.

Many people remark that they have made strong friendships.  It has become quite common for people to say that Bountagu is “like a family”. There are now over 700 registered members and many locals have remarked that the look and feel of the place is changing for the better!

As one resident said “you can build a rich community by finding everything you need in each other”.

The weekly Friday Coffee Morning at the Hub is run and supported by local residents. It is a popular activity, where residents come together and discuss local issues and meet and welcome new members.
If you want to know more about Bountagu – the Coffee Morning is a good place to start – just pop in!

  • Conversational English sessions are available on Tuesday mornings at the Hub to help people to improve their spoken English. Many people from across the globe have met at the Hub and have enjoyed learning English together; facilitated by local people in the community.Information and advice sessions are also provided at the Hub – check out what is available as this may change, depending on who is available and what specialist knowledge is at hand. We do work collaboratively with other agencies occasionally like, Citizens Advice Bureau, London and Quadrant Housing Association and Community Police.
    Clean up with police
  • Community Meetings at Bountagu:
    Meetings where you can meet local councillors, police and your neighbours to discuss issues of concern, identify solutions and work collaboratively to get things done. Ring the Hub to find out the dates of the next meetings:

    • Neighbourhood Watch: Monthly
    • CAPE – Community Action Partnership; Monthly with the police
    • Councillor Surgeries: monthly and quarterly meetings
  • Keeping Bountagu Beautiful! Clean Up Campaign:
    We hold regular meetings and community clean up events in the Bountagu area. We invite the local community, councillors and the police to meet and discuss fly tipping and anti social issues and find solutions to keeping the streets clean.
    clean up meeting Community cleanup with Gunny gardening
  • Improving the environment and access to green space:
    Improving the look of the place has had a very positive effect on how people feel about where they live. Residents have really enjoyed planting local flower beds and grass verges by the Hub. Volunteers have also started to prepare the allotment and residents are looking forward to seeing the seeds of their labour grow!
  • Community Festivals and Days Out:
    clacton-on-sea-2106 Community Festival
    We make sure we have fun with festivals and trips out and about. Time to really get to know one another and enjoy the richness of personalities, skills and energy that people bring to share and celebrate community.
  • Growing and developing an enterprise approach.
    We start them young at Bountagu! Children and young people can access “Freedom E” a project where young people learn how to be entrepreneurs and develop business ideas that will work well in the community.There is also a range of support for adult entrepreneurs with one to one advice, a business network and mentoring. Entrepreneurs will also have access to the new Start Something Social programme; to develop enterprises with a social benefit and make applications for funding. Bountagu has had over 50 entrepreneurs apply.
    Hub 16
  • Skills development, volunteering and employability:
    We are particularly proud of the people that have come through the door of the Job Club and those that have volunteered. So many local people are now working in jobs; having gained the support, skills and or experience they needed, to give them the edge that won them the job!

Bountagu for all ages:

  • Bountagu’s Hang Out – after school club has had a major effect in the community. The Hang Out brings children together that may not have known one another before; if they don’t go to the same schools or play in the street. Neighbouring children are now growing up together and helping their families getting to know one another.
  • The Bountagu Youth Forum is made up of young people form across the area and they are leading the development for children and young people. Learning the valuable skills of community development and leadership. Investing in the young community for sustainability and to build a legacy.
  • The 50 Plus Club- enjoy a range of activities including: Monday afternoon tea, monthly lunch club, trips and special events:
  • Inter generational activities- for young ones and seniors, exchanging skills and having fun learning from one another.
    community-hub-1 kids-forty-hall-trip-15 pudding-15 img_0804 img_0799 intergen connent-4-arif-and-marble
    Elham Asskoumi, Bountagu’s Community Outreach and Environment Worker
    Tel.No: 020 8292 5626 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    Email: elham.asskoumi@bountagu.com