About Us

Bountagu is a resident led community development initiative in Lower Edmonton, in the London Borough of Enfield.

Bountagu was awarded £1 million over ten years (in 2013) from the Big Lottery Fund; and is part of the Big Local initiative managed by the Local Trust; to help local people work together, to make a positive and lasting difference to the area.

The Bountagu Partnership leads on the strategic direction and plans to achieve sustainability and to leave a legacy for the community. The Partnership is deeply rooted in the local community, lead by local people living, working, volunteering or studying in the Bountagu area. The Partnership is focused on engaging and supporting local people and improving the community, employment/enterprise opportunities and the environment.

Bountagu is one of 150 Big Local community development areas in England. Bountagu is also one of 15 Big Local areas taking part in the Multi Media Evaluation Project – Our Bigger Story; supported by TSRC at Brimingham University. We are part of a long term evaluation of Big Local, from 2015 to 2026. In 2014 Bountagu was also award intense enterprise status by Unltd. Unltd supports people with resources and awards successful applicants, to set up social enterprises.

Much of the time we are learning by doing and local people are proud of what they are achieving. As such, we take the time, when we have it, to share this learning with others!

The local Bountagu community created the vision:
“Within ten years, we will build an integrated, harmonious Bountagu community, bringing together diverse groups, offering a range of activities and opportunities, leaving a legacy of beauty, hope and aspiration for future generations.”

The residents created the name of “Bountagu” from the amalgamation of the names of the two main roads in the area: Bounces Road and Montagu Road.The Bountagu area covers about 1,500 households and 5,000 residents.

Bountagu is managed by a resident led partnership of 16 local people, hosted by the local trusted organisation; a charity called CVSBEH.

Bountagu takes a community development approach, engaging local people and businesses in building and developing local opportunities and improvements in the environment. We are generating a cooperative and entrepreneurial culture where people offer and develop skills and services; building the capacity of the community to help itself, rather than buying services in from outside the area.
Clean up

Click HERE to see Bountagu’s current plan, which runs April 2016 – March 2019.

New YouTube video made by Eunice Alves, a talented local resident and media student. Click >HERE< to view the video on YouTube.

Bountagu – Summary of  Our Priorities:

  • Building a Bountagu Community:
    Bountagu is a diverse community and the focus is on integration, building community spirit and a sustainable future.
  • Children & Young People
    Bountagu provides opportunities for children & young people to participate in active, healthy and positive activities. Learning the skills of community development & leadership.
    Hangout @The Hub Children At the Beach
  • People 50 Plus:
    Bountagu provides a variety of opportunities for people 50 plus and provides outreach to those that are less mobile, helping at home or to access community activities.
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  • Enterprise, Employment and Skills:
    Bountagu promotes an enterprise culture and residents being entrepreneurial. We support people into employment and help them to set up businesses.
    Enterprise & Employment
  • Environment and Facilities:
    Bountagu aims to improve access and use of green space, clean up the mess and create a beautiful environment for the whole community.

Bountagu Time Line History “From little acorns mighty oaks grow!”

Early Days 2012: Big Local named ECYPS as the Local Trusted Organisation to support the project going forward. ECYPS is an Enfield based charity. The Bounces Road–Montagu Road Steering Group was formed and a Development Worker recruited. Consultation events were organised to consult with local infrastructure agencies including authorities, local businesses, voluntary and community organisations, schools and residents.


Spring 2013: Three public consultations engaged local residents. Five priorities were identified for the area: Community, Children and Young People, People 50+, Enterprise and Employment and Environment.
Summer 2013: Bountagu Partnership was established and Steering Group dissolved.
Autumn 2013: Bountagu Plan drafted and approved and start-up funds released.
Bountagu Hub acquired and refurbished. Half term arts and craft sessions for children


January 2014: A Bountagu Manager was recruited and the Hub opened 5 days a week.
February 2014: First Open Day
March 2014: First weekly Coffee Morning
July 2014: First Bountagu Review
September 2014: Bountagu wins Unltd Intensive Enterprise status.
October 2014: First Bountagu Community Festival
December 2014: First community-led winter food boxes for vulnerable people


January 2015: Recruited 50+ Engagement Worker and Children & Young Persons Worker
January 2015: Bountagu hosted Unltd Enterprise event, Mayor & Council leader attended
March 2015: Bountagu hosted Big Local Growing Community Leadership event
April 2015: Allotment agreed
May 2015: First Bountagu Review with Volunteers held at Forty Hall Farm
May 2015: First Community Clean Up
June 2015: First 50+ Lunch
July 2015: First Community-led Festival
August 2015: First Trip to Seaside
September 2015: Launch of Keep Bountagu Tidy – Community Clean-up Campaign
November 2015: Launch of Clean-up Petition
December 2015: First Festive Youth Market and community lunch.


Comprehensive weekly programme
Consistent community engagement.
New 3 year plan 2016 – 2019 submitted and agreed.
700 registered members, 40 active volunteers.


Transport for London working on allotment

New Soft Play activities at the Ark, Montagu Road

Community Clean Up 19th May

Planning for Bountagu Community Festival 15th July

The Bountagu Partnership – is a resident led organisation. Members meet every month and welcome local people to get involved. If you are interested in joining the Partnership or in attending a meeting, please get in touch. See our last set of Partnership minutes here: Parnership Meeting Minutes April 2017
See the Bountagu Plan: Bountagu Plan Y3-Y5

Meeting Dates: 21st June 2017, 19th July, 20th September, 18th October, 22nd November, 20th December. Contact the hub if you would like to attend – ring 020 292 5626.

Bountagu is part of Big Local, a national programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund; with the aim of developing opportunities for communities. For more on the Big Local visit Local Trust.